A bunch of butter

My parents had a party while we were visiting and as part of that one of the guests put a bowl of buns with a bowl of butter (resting on top of the buns) on the ground.  Chompsky walked up, grabbed the butter, and then left with his prize.  He wouldn’t drop it but instead chewed it all up and swallowed it.  Up to that point he was being really good at the party, and I can’t really blame him for eating butter someone put on the ground.

Anyway he didn’t throw up or have bad poop or anything, so apparently it agreed with him, and I look forward to his shinier-than-normal coat in the coming weeks.

Furball on a boat

My dad made this because obviously he would do that.

Gnome, Chompsky

I threw a stick for Chompsky and you won’t believe what happens next!

Visiting dad = dad Chompsky photo manipulations

Chompsky has World Cup fever!

Before and after pictures, side-by-side!  His untrimmed ears helps him keep his shaggy look (so in demand this season),

After shot!  His coat is a lot thinner, his belly is shaved, and his super-long ear hair is untouched because I asked them to leave it because IT’S THE CUTEST.

The groomer said he was really good about having his feet handled (great!) but that he didn’t like having hands around his neck, which isn’t unusual (he doesn’t mind when Jenn or I touch him there though).

He looks so coiffed and clean!  Hopefully he’ll find it more comfortable to be outdoors now that he’s got a shaved belly and a lighter undercoat.

Dropped Chompsky off at a groomer this morning.  This is his BEFORE PHOTO.

I think Chompsky always looks fabulous but he gets hot in the summer, so this will be to shorten his undercoat, shave his belly, trim the hair between his paws, etc, so he can get cooler faster.  It’s an experiment: he’s never been groomed before!

I’ll post the AFTER PHOTO this afternoon when I pick him up!