"Hi I’m Chompsky and I keep trapping myself under the deck because I don’t learn from my mistakes"

Chilling out at the food truck festival

Similar faces at the dog park!

Trailer Timez

Chompsky likes to wrestle, but he’s not what I’d call “particularly good at it”.

Chompsky in the park / Chompsky on your dash

This looks like a static shot, but it is actually a DOG ACTION SHOT taken in the trailer on our way back from Cherry Beach.  Chomps was great in the trailer all the way there and all the way back: success!  You can see how soggy he is from the lake.  And I think he’s realized a ride in the trailer means a ride to the dog park, because we was getting in without any hesitation!

You can see the leash in his trailer, which doesn’t give him enough of a lead to get out, but does give him enough to turn around.  That was the secret to getting him cool with his trailer: instead of trying to get him comfortable like he was in a crate (high value treats, etc), I just made it so it was less like a crate (open all the doors, let him stick his head out).  He spent all of the ride with his head out the front of his trailer, and NO LIE:

  • one little girl said “AWWW!” so loudly she was almost shouting it.
  • then another little girl did the same
  • then when I biked by a family the mother said “Annie!  Annie!  Annie!  Annie!” to make sure that Annie saw Chompsky in the trailer, and then Annie did precisely what the other two girls did.

CHOMPSKY: popular among all ages of ladies??

Rooftop dog

Chompsky gives his opinion of the bath he just took.

Snoozing in the sunbeam