what is this quintessence of dust

This is Stella, my brother-in-law’s dog!  She is a tiny beast but she and Chompsky got along well, once she stopped barking at him all the time for invading her space.  She’d run in little loops, getting him to chase her, and Chompsky was good about scaling his play to her: he’d just nip at her hair and let her stand beneath him and stuff.  Anyway it was SUPER CUTE.

They were good on leash together too: the only issue was that Stella’s recall isn’t good so we kept her on leash, but off-leash Chompsky wanted to play with her, so he’d run up to her.  She’d run and get caught when her lead ran out, so after that happened once we’d stand between her and Chompsky when he wanted to play and he stopped trying to engage her so much, saving it till we were back home and Stella could go off-leash again.


Someone had a busy day

Just happy to be here

Swimming with the famous Gary Panter

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Chompsky and I went to the Word on the Street festival yesterday where we met a woman who told me a few things, including:

  1. Chompsky has the soul of a reincarnated Cary Grant
  2. She’s going to get a female dog one day, and she wants her to mate with Chompsky, but Chompsky has to be a virgin for her
  3. She was concerned that Chompsky might sleep on “too many blankets”’

Anyway check out that resemblance!!

I think his 9km walk tuckered him out

Good morning


I call this photo: ” the dog who tried to steal a whole turkey”